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Title: Nonconvex sets and fixed points
Author: Mohammad S. Khan, Salvatore Sessa
Title: An exact estimate for approximation of a class of convex functions by Szasz-Mirakian operators in L_1 norm
Author: V. A. Kostova
Title: Consistency in the p-th mean of the least Squares Estimators in Linear Models
Author: Demetrios Kaffes
Title: Fibonacci Numbers in Permutations
Author: E. Foundas
Title: Singular Generalised Autunomous Linear Differential Systems
Author: Evangelos Grispos
Title: On Cental Morphisms
Author: Athanassios Kyriazis
Title: A Polynomial Representation for Exponents in Zp
Author: Gerasimos C. Meletiou
Title: Factorization Methods in Cryptosystems
Author: N. Alexandris
Title: Comparison Theorems for first Order Nonlinear Functional Differebtial Equations
Author: Ch. Athanasiadis
Title: A class of Compound Poisson Distribution and its Stochastic Dervations
Author: Aggeliki Voudouri
Title: On intecomposable Lattices over Twisted group rings
Author: A. Chalatsis
Title: Convex Duality in Problems of the Bolza type with time-delay
Author: G. I. Tsoutsinos
Title: On a Generalized Linear Boundary Value Problem
Author: Gr. Kalogeropoulos, I. G. Stratis
Title: Courbes Elliptiques et 2 - Extensions Abeliennes
Author: Dimitrios Poulakis
Title: Nonreflecting Boundary Conditions for Hyperbolic Conservation laws
Author: Christos P. Angelopoulos
Title: On the Distribution of the Present Value of Interest in Continuous Compounding
Author: Aggeliki Voudouri , Grigoris Nikitas, Vasilios Benos
Title: Ομιλία του Ακαδημαϊκού sergei Petrovic Novikov
Author: Αθ Κοτσιώλης
Title: Η Μηχανική της Ανθρώπινης Κίνησης
Author: , Aurelio Cappozzo
Title: Θεωρία άριστου ελέγχου και Οικονομία
Author: Κώστας Α. Ρήγας
Title: Διαφορικές εξισώσεις χωρίς μονοσήμαντο
Author: Στέλιος Κώτσιος, Τάσος Κοσκολός
Title: Το χαρακτηριστικό πολυώνυμο απλού γραφήματος
Author: Μ. Γεωργιακόδης
Title: Εξέλιξκη των Μαθηματικών εννοιών , Κριτκή παρουσίαση του R.L.Wilder
Author: Γ. Ρουσόπουλος
Title: Ιστορικά Προβλήματα Στοιχειωδών Μαθηματικών
Author: Γ. Δ. Στρατής, Δ. Γ. Κοντογιάννης